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Get your dream swimming pool with HFS Financial!
Building a backyard swimming pool is one of the most exciting adventures you’ll ever have. That’s what makes swimming pool loans so incredibly important. Not only will you be adding a beautiful asset to your home, but you’ll also be creating a space to make endless memories with the ones you love most.
The inviting sparkle of clear, cool water turns a boring backyard into a complete showstopper. Adding the crown jewel of your home all begins with the right financing, with terms and rates on pool loans that will make both your heart and your wallet happy. Discover how HFS Financial can help you get the backyard pool of a lifetime.

What impact can a swimming pool have on my home and family?
A swimming pool brings so much to any home – entertainment, closer relationships, less screen time, more healthy exercise, and so much more. Installing a new swimming pool also adds great value to your at-home lifestyle and can even boost your home’s equity! The right swimming pool can set the stage for premier family time, backyard parties, restorative relaxation, holiday celebrations, and a gathering space for kids and adults alike.

When you want to build an inground pool – whether fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl liner – you’re going to need the best financing to get this major home improvement project completed according to your dreams.

That’s why HFS Financial offers the leading options for swimming pool loans for your sensational new pool. Plus, it couldn’t be easier to get started on the financing you need to make all your backyard pool dreams happen. With our quick, 60-second inquiry, you can start the process of discovering your own incredible backyard transformation.

Where can I find swimming pool loans with good rates?
HFS Financial can help you find the perfect financing options for your new swimming pool. Why use HFS Financial for your new pool? For over 55 years, we have specialized in helping consumers find the right swimming pool loans to ensure the most pleasant overall pool financing experience. 

If there’s anyone who knows the swimming pool financing industry, it’s HFS Financial. We’re all too familiar with the complicated process it used to take to get a swimming pool loan. So, we established HFS Financial to turn a complicated process into a fast and simple one. Cut through the red tape with an easy process that involves far less paperwork and far more beneficial options than other financing available. Now you can spend more time building a new swimming pool in your backyard and less time struggling to finance the project before it even starts.

How can I know I am getting the right pool loan for my needs?

One of the most important parts of funding is being able to do what you want, when you want, with your own money. Our direct-to-consumer financing gives you complete control over your own funding – making you a cash buyer from the get-go. And with no staged funding, your perfect pool project will never be held up for inspections, approval, or other delays often associated with other types of financing options. 
Are loans with HFS Financial hassle free?

You’ll receive 100% of your financing up front – allowing you to make the purchases, payments, and decisions you need to get your stunning new backyard pool completed quickly. Check out our online reviews to see all the happy customers who chose HFS for their pool loan. Our goal is provide the easiest pool loans in the industry. We get you a loan, and then we leave you alone!
How much can I finance and for how many years can you finance a pool?

A very common question is “what are typical pool loan terms?”. Often, pool lenders cap their lending at 10- to 15-year terms. However, when you work with HFS Financial for your swimming pool loan needs, you can lengthen the term of your pool loans to up to 20 years. Not only does this allow for a lower monthly payment, but our fixed-rate payment options and excellent interest rates make building your dream pool cost-effective.

The average cost of in-ground swimming pool loans is between $20,000 – $100,000. With loans up to $500,000, the sky’s the limit on all of the ways you can make your backyard the most beautiful space at home. And with swimming pool loans and other home improvement loans available, you can maximize your money by planning your projects at the same time. When you have a contractor who specializes in building exceptional backyard retreats, check out their full array of offerings for your new backyard space.

How fast will my swimming pool loan be funded?

At HFS Financial, we work tirelessly to ensure that you have the money in hand that you need right when you need it. Once your application is submitted, we quickly notify you of your funding options – often in as little as 24 hours! You’ll also have a dedicated expert on hand to walk you through all of the details concerning your project financing. In fact, you can reach our team anytime by calling 1-800-254-9560.
With ultra-fast funding, you can get started on your project as soon as you want. Don’t waste precious time chasing financing that will leave you frustrated: facing staged funding, dealing with unnecessary approvals and delays, or being waylaid by other red tape and roadblocks. At HFS, we get your pool loan funded as quickly as possible, so you can get started on your dream pool ASAP. 

What if I need to improve the area around my new swimming pool with landscaping, fencing, or decking?

As you plan your new swimming pool, you may realize the need for additional financing for other home improvement projects like privacy or chain link fencing, a pool enclosure, a new deck, backyard landscaping, and more. Do you need to apply for separate financing? Not with HFS Financial! Roll your entire project into one easy-to-secure loan. We offer an array of home improvement financing options for both exterior and interior projects.

With the help of the expert staff at HFS Financial, you can obtain the home improvement and swimming pool loans you need to a backyard that will be the talk of the neighborhood. From new hardscaping and decking to a beautiful outdoor kitchen, you can truly build a custom space to live your best life at home. Whether poolside cooking and dining are in your vision, or you want new hardscaping and landscaping that complement your gorgeous new pool, you can have it all with financing through HFS Financial.

I’m ready! How do I find out my pool loan rates and payment options?

If you’ve been dreaming about finally building a new swimming pool in your backyard, make your dreams a reality by applying with HFS Financial today! HFS is your hassle-free unsecured swimming pool loans solution for all of your swimming pool loan needs. You receive your full loan amount up front, so you control your pool project.

Create the backyard retreat that all of your family, friends, and guests will love. With HFS Financial, “You Dream It, We Finance It!”

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Swimming Pool Designers

Experience the Future of Pool Design

At Texas Innovative Pools, we take pride in offering a cutting-edge 3D design feature that takes your swimming pool dreams to the next level. Our advanced 3D pool design service empowers you to visualize and fine-tune every detail of your future aquatic oasis before it becomes a reality.

Some of the benefits of utilizing our 3D design services:

Immersive Visualization: Our 3D pool design allows you to step into your project virtually. You'll get a realistic, immersive preview of how your pool will look in your outdoor space. This immersive experience eliminates guesswork and ensures that the final result aligns perfectly with your expectations.

Customization: With 3D design, you have the freedom to explore various design elements such as pool shape, size, water features, lighting, landscaping, and more. You can experiment with different options until you find the perfect configuration that suits your preferences and complements your home's aesthetics.


Enhanced Collaboration: Our 3D designs are not just for you; they facilitate effective communication between you and our expert designers. It enables us to better understand your vision and make necessary adjustments in real-time, ensuring that your input is incorporated seamlessly into the final design.

Cost Savings: By finalizing the design in a virtual environment, you can identify potential issues and make modifications early in the process. This proactive approach can save you both time and money by avoiding costly changes during construction.

Peace of Mind: Knowing exactly what your finished pool will look like and how it will fit into your outdoor space provides you with peace of mind. You can make informed decisions, confident that the end result will meet or exceed your expectations.


Faster Approvals: When seeking permits and approvals, having a detailed 3D design can expedite the process. Authorities can easily understand your project, leading to quicker approvals and a faster start to construction.


With our state-of-the-art 3D design service, you're not just building a pool; you're creating an immersive experience that ensures your outdoor living space is nothing short of spectacular. Take advantage of this innovative tool to bring your vision to life and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Discover the power of 3D pool design at Texas Innovative Pools and turn your dreams into a stunning reality.

3D Rendering and Design of custom swimming pool
3D Design of custom swimming pool
3D Design of custom swimming pool
floorplan for custom swimming pool

If you're seeking an exceptional swimming pool designer in the Texas Hill Country, Greater Houston area or anywhere in between, reach out to us at Texas Innovative Pools. From selecting materials tailored to your lifestyle and the aesthetic of your surroundings, to crafting custom layouts that seamlessly integrate with your outdoor living space, we deliver unparalleled results.


No matter your swimming pool preferences, we ensure your pool harmonizes with your outdoor living space.  At Texas Innovative Pools, we're committed to enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of your outdoor living area.


Whether your outdoor space is small or large, our team can bring your swimming pool vision to life. Contact us today to benefit from our expertise and experience in our swimming pool design!



Ready to turn your dream pool into a stunning reality? With our team of experienced professionals guiding you every step of the way, your vision is in expert hands from start to finish!



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